Linacre Truth

Revealing the truth about the corruption, abuse of students, discrimination, censorship, and criminal activity carried out by Linacre College, of the University of Oxford.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men and women to do nothing"


This page is dedicated to the memory of Lorna Oakley, a young student who came to Oxford filled with hope and dreams. She was abandoned by the college, did not receive the help she needed, and ended her own life on the 19th of September, 2016. Given the college's history of abusing students with mental health issues, and the negligence of the college's corrupt "Welfare Officer", Catherine Walter, who spends most of her time and energy harassing and bullying students or chasing her own personal interests, what happened to Lorna is nothing short of criminal. Other students have suffered in other ways. We hope to prevent such incidents in the future.

NEW! Linacre College under investigation by the OIAHE for harassment of students.

NEW! Linacre College under investigation by the Information Commissioner's Office for illegal handling of private student data. (We will update you as information becomes available...)

NEW! Jaw-dropping report on deep systematic corruption, see Police Collusion.

Oxford University has an unusual arrangement, originating from over 1000 years ago, in which students who apply for the university are assigned to distinct colleges. Students will only interact with their assigned college, and are in fact enrolled to the college, not the university.

While on the surface, the colleges operate under the umbrella of Oxford University, the reality is that each college is a standalone centre of higher education. Therefore, contrary to public belief, colleges can do whatever they want and generally DO NOT have to answer to Oxford University for their actions. Students cannot complain to Oxford University about their college. This gives colleges unrestrained power to abuse, harass, and bully students without facing repercussions from Oxford University, while still benefiting from the Oxford brand.

Many applying students are unaware of these details, and believe the Oxford Univerity standard line: "There is no difference between the different colleges". This, however, is false. Different colleges have different amounts of resources, facilities, funding, and support. There are also vastly different cultures and social environments between colleges. Linacre College ranks near the bottom on all of these attributes.

According to official surveys, Linacre College has the lowest satisfaction ratings amongst all colleges. In fact, approximately half of Linacre's students did not actually apply to the college, and were simply assigned to the college because they failed to mention a college preference, and therefore they got assigned Linacre as the scraps at the bottom of the barrel after all the other students were assigned their preferred colleges.

The senior staff simply do not care. They are busy squandering resources and abusing their positions of power. When someone complains, the college quickly and brutally silences them in order to maintain the illusion of a Utopian place where everyone is happy and welcome, as you will see in the examples provided. They even go so far as banning students from using the University counselling service, to prevent students suffering from depression to be able to tell the counselling service about what the college is up to.

Several students have reported being traumatised by their experience at Linacre, and some of them have set up informal support groups to help each other cope. There are people who refuse to go back to Linacre to even pick up their mail or personal belongings, as they would rather never be anywhere near the college again. There is also the tragic case of Lorna Oakley who committed suicide in September 2016.

What are the senior staff doing while this is happening? They are busy pushing their own interests, furthering their own careers, and protecting the college from "threats" consisting of truth.

We have set up this page to make a stand, in order to spread the truth, because we believe students have the right to know. The right to know what they should expect if they apply to Linacre. The right to know what their tuition money is being spent on. The right to know how the college treats students with disabilities or health problems. The right to know how the college treats those who try to speak up.

There are ways you can help. See How To Help for more information.