Linacre Truth

Revealing the truth about the corruption, abuse of students, discrimination, censorship, and criminal activity carried out by Linacre College, of the University of Oxford.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men and women to do nothing"

Charlotte Emma Dunford

PositionDetective Constable, Thames Valley Police
Shoulder Number5757
SergeantIan D’Angeli (5680)
Mobile Phone +44 (0) 7974808443
Email Address[email protected]
Postal AddressDC 5757 Charlotte Dunford, ECU, Thames Valley Police, HQ North, Fountain Court, Oxford Spires Business Park, The Boulevard, Kidlington, Oxon OX5 1NZ

Linacre college, in its desperate attempts to take down this website, eventually resorted to colluding with the police. (See full report in Police Collusion Section.)

After going through a number of police officers who rightfully refused to take action as no crime was committed, they eventually found someone bent enough to do what they asked.

Dunford's job was to break into homes, under the guise of an investigation of "harassment". (They brainstormed with solicitor Martin Bourne to try to find a good "fit", in their words.)

Doors were broken, computers and other property belonging to innocent students were seized. Which students? Students that the college had abused, and therefore were "suspects" for the "crime" of creating

Here is a video of a student who confronted Dunford over her theft of a watch. That's right, the Thames Valley Police are breaking into homes and robbing jewelry. She claims it was necessary, as part of an "investigation".

Their newest scheme is the Julian Assange angle -- Dunford, in association with DC Telesfora Rosec is now trying to pursue accusations of sexual misconduct. Because what better way to discredit your critics than to call them perverts.