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Revealing the truth about the corruption, abuse of students, discrimination, censorship, and criminal activity carried out by Linacre College, of the University of Oxford.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men and women to do nothing"

Martin Bourne

RoleCollege Solicitor
Office AddressMartin Bourne, Knights 1759, Midland House, West Way, Botley, Oxford, OX2 0PH
Email Address[email protected]
Mobile Number+44 (0) 7970 252811
Office Number+44 (0) 1865 811720, +44 (0) 1865 811700

Martin Bourne is the College's dirty solicitor. His role is to send legal threats intended to harass and intimidate students who threaten the college's interests, such as those who speak up against the college's crimes.

He also assists the College in their corruption, by colluding with the police in order to use them as a tool of further harassment. He assisted the college in coercing the police to execute arrests on innocent students and commit criminal destruction of property in order to attempt removal of this website. He failed of course. See full story with documentation in the section on Police Collusion.

Afterward, he worked with his associate, Harry Wells, and tried to file a civil lawsuit and get an injuction to have this page about himself removed. They failed (of course), and were stuck with roughly 20,000 GBP legal costs. Here was our response:

Site is still up and running. We will report on any more of his attempts. Which will fail (of course).

UPDATE! Martin Bournce has taken it upon himself to harass former students of Linacre College in his desperate attempts to take down this website. In a series of documents forwarded to us, it emerges that Martin Bourne has spent the last 2 years trying to sue a former student of Linacre College, who does not even live in the UK any longer. As we have come to expect from Bourne, he has stooped to picking a fight with a person who is not in the UK and therefore cannot attend court to defend him/herself. While he managed to squander £27,750 of his firm's money in order to obtain a judgement, the judgement has no value outside of the UK so he has wasted his time. Documents available below:

The student sent a simple response:

Rest assured, the website will keep running.