Linacre Truth

Revealing the truth about the corruption, abuse of students, discrimination, censorship, and criminal activity carried out by Linacre College, of the University of Oxford.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men and women to do nothing"

Site Statistics & Info

Total site hits (as of 29 Oct, 2017): 31,502
Search engine leads (as of 29 Oct, 2017): 772
Social media referrals (as of 29 Oct, 2017): 590
Desperate attempts by Linacre to get website taken down: 3 (See one example here)
Legal threats made by Linacre: 2 (Empty threats, nothing more than intimidation tactics carried out by Linacre's corrupt lawyer, see section on Martin Bourne)
Arrests made by incompetent police due to false reports by Linacre 5 (This is one of Linacre's intimidation tactics.)
Convictions made: 0
Home break-ins carried out by Linacre's thugs: 3 (Total damage: £15,000)
Equipment stolen by Linacre's thugs:
  • 2 PCs
  • 3 Laptops
  • 5 Phones
  • 1 Tablet
  • Gold Citizen watch (???)
  • £5,000 worth of research equipment
  • 2 boxes of documents
Interruptions to web service: 0 - ZERO

And the show goes on, ladies and gentlemen. We are happy to say that none of these vile acts propagated by Linacre will have the slightest effect on our work here. The website stays live until the sun stops rising.